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Training Offerings:

Lean Manufacturing Techniques
   Kaizen Strategies:
       Adding Value Concept
        Waste Reduction
        One-Piece-Flow Concept
        Takt Time
        Work Sequence
        Standard Work
        Kaizen Event
        Zero Quality Control
        Just-In-Time Techniques: SMED, Kanban     
  Policy Deployment:
      Hosin Kanri
   Company Culture:
      Measurement Vehicle for the Company Culture
      Levers for Change
  Managing the Supply Chain

   Levels of PPAP - PPAP Level 3
   PPAP Documents semnification and sequence
   Control Plans
   Process FMEA
   Capability Tests (Cpk)

Problem Solving Tools -  see example
   Detailed study of each Problem Solving Process sequence
   Problem Solving Checklist

Statistical Process Control
  Normal Gaussian Distribution
   Standardized Normal Distribution
   Capability Tests, Process Limits, Customer Limits and  tooling ware out
   Case Studies

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